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Motivations to build Aak Buy-Sell..

Seller's Pain!

Neelam Singh, Delhi

I was overwhelmed, tired, frustrated by how most Classifieds sites work while i was trying to sell a 2-3 months old MacBook for an urgent cash need.

People ask the same (silly) questions:
'Is condition Good? Any issues?' Reason for Selling? Is it under warranty?

Got some 50 inquiries, 38 offers, most not meeting minimum expecations definitely put after some reasearch!

Keep getting distracted by Notifictaions: someone offered, someone sent a message..etc. Few folks came over to my place, checked the item and were negotiating even below their online offer!

If i reduce my expected price, again people will lessen their offer price and can go anywhere that way!! It was not worth the time too and not any time in my case where i was selling a 2-3 months old MacBook and at a price lower than the value of it even as used one!

Earning Ways!

Tapas Mohanty, Bangalore

One of my (busy) colleague approached me to help him selling a used car, as i was having some idle time: single owner, 1 year old, few thousand KMs run!

I posted the car for sale on a leading classifieds site at an instant using my personal email id and mobile#.

Responded online to messages, questions from potential buyers, did some negotiations. Co-ordinated with 3 serious prospects over phone and finally got a party who came near our office, saw the car, and offered spot cash and got some signs on relevant papers.

It got sold in few days and i would have spent 2-3 hours in total. I got paid some 2000/- and got a treat (despite my denial), though it was sold to a dealer/reseller at a price lesser than what a direct buyer would have paid.

Even if a fraction of Sellers like my colleague, take help of an Online Agent, needy people can make an earning online, out of this Buy-Sell transactions by offering professional support to Buyers & Sellers!

Buyer Experience!

Harbir Singh, Chandigarh

I once tried buying a used Laptop at a sum i could afford and was specific about the configuration, like i5 Processor/8GB RAM etc., through online classfieds sites and had 3-5 days time max to get the stuff and start a personal project work.

- Got frustrated with the response time some sellers took (who had the right configuration i was looking for). Could not call directly either, phone number was not visible by default.

- Sometimes, calls do not get answered. Or when they call, i missed.

- One seller, called me to his place on an agreed offer price and when i reached near the landmark and called him, he never responded and we did not get to talk again ever (he blocked me, even from writing a yelling online..)!

- Have observed sellers telling a projected offered price and ask for a better one than the projection and it can keep on going till a point! Sellers change list price too as better offers flow in!

How an Aak Buy-Sell Agent can help?

Seller Posts item on Aak


Seller assigns an Agent


Agent responds to Buyers


Agent finalizes deal with a Buyer


  Transaction happens offline (pick-up, payment..) as co-ordinated by Agent.
Agent can also help in Logistics etc.
Seller pays Agent fees, agreed upfront!

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